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The Features of the Most Advanced and Affordable Web Form Processor WebForm Processor is fully loaded with all the features needed to provide your website visitors with effective and quality impression. Below you will find the list of features and benefits you get by using WebForm Processor for all of your form processing needs:General FeaturesProcess any HTML FormWorks with any HTML form such as feedback forms, price quotation forms, registration forms, multi-page forms, surveys, order forms with calculation, and any other form.Works with existing formsForm Mail Processor can work with any existing form. Build web forms in your favorite HTML editor and handle form data with our form processing solution.Redirect usersRedirect visitors to any web page you like after the form is completed. You can also read the selected page, execute substitutions, calculations and show the page to the users after form submissionView form input dataWhen the form is filled out, the visitors can view the filled out form on a web page. If the administrator sets all the fields that must be displayed / substituted / calculated, the users will be able to see the input data on a web page after they submit the form.Process multi-page formsProcess multi-page forms from different HTML files. When the visitor presses the Submit button, he/she is redirected to the next page. Specify the order in which the pages will be displayed.File upload formsSpecify the parameters for file uploads (paths, max file size, etc.)Email Autoresponder FeaturesEmail autoresponderReceive form data submitted by your website visitor to the specified email address or multiple addresses.Personalized autoresponder emailAddress the visitor by his/her name and/or use any of the data filled by the visitor in your autoreponder email message. You can set mail templates, define different substitutions and calculations, and define custom mail headersSend email to the specified visitor addressThe visitor can specify his/her email address in the form and receive a thank-you email or any other message you wantSet custom headers for emails.The administrator can indicate any headers for email messages sent after the form submission Magic Wizard You can use the magic wizard to add custom and standard fields, calculation blocks with plus (+), minus (-), division (/), multiplier (*) and round (~) operationsExport field dataExport form data to CSVSave form input to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file that can be easily exported into MS ExcelSave form data to a text fileSave form data to one or several text files and only in the file set by the administrator Each submission from the form can be stored into a separate file with the use of file generation templates, the names will be generated automatically by adding prefixes to the existing file name, e.g. 00_filename.txt, 01_filename.txt) or append data to the existing file.Save form data to databaseExport form data to one or several MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle databases. Also, there's a possibility to add substitutions and calculations in the query line to the database.Customize error messages and thank-you pagesCustomize error messagesCreate your own error messages that will be displayed to visitors when errors occur.Create Thank-You-PageShow a Thank-You page after the form is submitted.
You can define templates for field substitutions and calculations.Field validation rulesField validation rulesSet field validation rules, like 'required/not required'. Add own data validation rules and regular expressions. Besides, you can assign your own error messages, which will be shown in case of insuccessful validation of the specified rule.Handle form data with calculationAdd mathematical operationsUse simple mathematical operations with the form data (+, -, *, /). Also data rounding function (~) is available.Security FeaturesSPAM protection with the CAPTCHA technologyProtect your form from filling out by spam robots. With CAPTCHA the submitter will be asked to fill in a corresponding inscription noised to protect from computer recognitionBlock IP addresses from submitting the formCheck the time interval of the form submissions from definite IP addresses and block submissions if the interval exceeds the allowed.Block referrers and e-mail addressesBlock submissions from referrers. And if there's a check rule 'email address' in the field, the script will check the banned emails list.Support and other servicesFree installationConkurent LLC provides one installation free of charge for each purchased licenseFree upgradesGet free upgrades within one year from the date of your purchase.Free supportAsk any questions or request assistance with any issue you might have with the product.

I really look forward to going over the tutorials and articles we have to present. IPhones are the prodigy of smart phones, and why not take it to the next level with Cydia? I originally had the iPhone 3GS, that was my first fun to experiment with. I saw begin to learn about a PK files and mods, but never do anything too crazy. Pangu had a great break last year with the 8.1 update, which was great. Out of all the city installations I believe panku was the easiest and simplest. Of course Evasion was the runner-up previously, 


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